The Magic of “How to WoW”

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In the competitive landscape of digital products and inperson services, merely meeting user expectations is not enough; we must exceed them. This talk, “The Magic of HOW TO WOW” dives into the transformative journey from basic functionality to creating memorable, delightful interactions that leave users saying “Wow!”

Through this session, we’ll explore:

  • The Foundation of Human Behaviour: Understand the essential elements of human behaviour, which needs we have and which experience state we are in every second of our life. We’ll cover how these basics create a solid foundation for further innovation.
  • The Role of Tension: Learn how to strategically use tension as an excitement and experience maker. We’ll explore how anticipation and a well-crafted build-up can heighten user engagement and create a more dynamic interaction.
  • Appreciation and User Delight: Understand the importance of making users feel valued and appreciated. We’ll delve into strategies for recognizing and rewarding user achievements and how small gestures of appreciation can significantly impact user loyalty.
  • Memory and Lasting Impressions: Explore how to create experiences that are not only delightful in the moment but also memorable in the long run. We’ll discuss the psychology behind memory and how to design interactions that leave a lasting positive impression.
  • Personalization and Customization: Explore how personalizing user experiences can make interactions feel more relevant and engaging. We’ll cover strategies for implementing effective customization without overwhelming the user.
  • Emotional Design: Discover how incorporating emotional triggers can turn a mundane interaction into a captivating experience. We’ll discuss techniques for creating positive emotional responses, such as surprise, joy, and satisfaction.
  • User Feedback and Iteration: Understand the importance of continuous feedback and iteration in refining and improving UX. We’ll discuss tools and methodologies for gathering user insights and incorporating them into the design process.
  • Case Studies of WOW Moments: Analyze real-world examples of products and services that have successfully created WOW moments for their users. We’ll break down what they did right and what we can learn from their successes.

Join the talk as we uncover the magic behind creating not just functional, but extraordinary user experiences. Whether you’re a UX designer, product manager, developer, or simply passionate about creating great digital products and live WOW moments, this talk will provide you with the insights and inspiration to elevate your work to the next level. Prepare to be wowed!