Call for Proposals

Speak at the UXPA International 2024 Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We’re on the search for the most diverse, interesting and fun proposals to build our 2024 conference program

If you’ve got an idea to share, a new method, case study or something entirely different, we’d love to hear from you.

Submissions are now closed. You can check the status of your submission and complete your reviews here.


Submitting a proposal is easy:

Our proposal submission system is called COMS, and the first step is to create an account. Then draft your proposal and submit it. It’s that easy! If you have any questions, email us at [email protected].

  1. Create a COMS account and start writing your submission – we suggest writing your submission first elsewhere and then copying/pasting it into COMS. (You can also upload your file directly)
  2. Choose a track (Career Development, Emerging Technologies, Tools and Techniques, UX Strategy, UX Leadership, and DEI).
  3. Choose a discipline (UX Design, Visual Design, UX Research, Content Strategy, Content Writing, Design Ops, Multiple, Other)
  4. Choose a submission type (60-Minute Talk, 60-Minute Panel, 4-Hour Course, Poster).
  5. Choose an audience level (Entry, Mid, Senior).

Proposal review process

Every proposal is anonymously reviewed by at least five people. The full conference committee then meets to determine the final conference program. UXPA International is a community event, and we’ll need your help to review all the submissions. For every proposal you submit, you will be required to review three other proposals.

Speaker compensation

UXPA International is a non-profit organization supporting those studying and practicing UX all over the world. One speaker for each accepted submission will receive a $350 discount on their 3-day conference registration. Course leaders are entitled to an honorarium.


Track 1: Career Development

Career development is important, whether you’re thinking about your next career move or planning to continue growing at your current organization. This track is about growing and developing as UXers, and navigating challenges in your career.

Track 2: Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are transforming people’s experiences and presenting increasing opportunities for innovation and impact. This track is about innovation and emerging technologies in the UX field. 

Track 3: Tools and Techniques

UXers use a wide variety of tools and techniques to get their job done. This track is about the methods, processes, and tools UXers can use to improve their performance and products.  

Track 4: UX Strategy

The involvement of UXers with relevant business decisions have significantly increased over time. This track is about the alignment and/or impact of UX with business strategy.  

Track 5: UX Leadership

Driving design vision, evangelizing research insights, and communicating solid views are just some important leadership skills. This track is about developing leadership skills as a manager or an individual contributor. 

Track 6: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI has become one of the top priorities of the biggest companies in the world. This track is about inclusivity, diversity, and equity in the UX field.


(This is optional)

  1. UX Design
  2. Visual Design
  3. UX Research
  4. Content Strategy
  5. Content Writing
  6. Design Ops
  7. Multiple
  8. Other


60-Minute Talk

60-minute talks focus on a practitioner’s ideas and experience with usability methods, skills, philosophy, design, business case studies, or other relevant topics. Speakers should plan ample time for innovative audience participation within the 60 minutes.

60-Minute Panel

Panels cover topics that may be similar to or stretch beyond the talks, and will include speakers with different perspectives. Panels should include 3-5 domain experts, and submissions should include a short, anonymous position statement from each potential panelist.

4-Hour Course

Courses are classroom-style sessions, led by experienced UX professionals, where instructors teach attendees specific skills. Courses include in-depth explorations of a topic and activities to allow attendees practice with their new skills.   We are looking for courses on a wide range of topics, including design, evaluation, research, and UX management. Courses are targeted to early-, mid-, or senior-level user experience professionals. Course instructors receive a stipend:

  • 5-10 attendees: $500
  • 11-20 attendees: $750
  • 21+ attendees: $1000


Posters are a way to present research results, new ideas or concepts in an informal, visual, and interactive manner. During an hour-long session, people move around from poster to poster – they will gather around for a few minutes, as you talk to them about your work. Posters include what you did, why, how and what you’ve learned. Your research, ideas or concepts don’t need to be complete – you can even use the session to pick the brains of professionals to help move your thinking forward. Poster presenters are responsible for printing their own posters.


Entry level

Entry-level proposals cover the basics of a topic and are aimed at those with little experience in the topic.

Mid level

Mid-level proposals dive deeper into concepts that early-level professionals already know.

Senior level

Senior-level proposals cover a new way of thinking, a detailed case study or practical tips on an advanced technique. It will be of interest to UX professionals and academics of a senior level.

Submissions are now closed

You can check the status of your submissions here. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]