Apply Behavioral Science Principles for Successful Stakeholder and People Management

Atlantic Ballroom 1

Perhaps you are new to the UX field and are wondering how you can best manage your stakeholders. How can you encourage your stakeholders to account for research / design processes and not send in requests last minute? How can you increase the likelihood that they will appreciate your work and follow through with their action items? Or perhaps you are in management and are wondering how you can best motivate your team members.

When [Name] transitioned from working as a clinical psychologist to a UX researcher and later to a research director, [Name] immediately recognized that techniques commonly deployed for behavioral change in a clinical setting are applicable to stakeholder and people management in a business setting. In this interactive session, you will learn: (a) common challenges in people management; (b) 4 common techniques to facilitate behavioral change; and (c) concrete tips on how to implement these techniques.