Artificial Intelligence Untangled: What UX and Product Designers Need to Know and Understand While Ideating and Designing AI and Data Solutions

Atlantic Ballroom 1

Artificial Intelligence is trendy. Everybody wants to address AI solutions for their businesses not even knowing how AI can be applied or what it means. So far, AI has come from a Tech domain but not from a Product and Design perspective. They need to keep up to date and bring the human side to the table. That is the aim of this talk: A learning approach that, through examples, will explore how to adapt UX process tools to reflect the needs of a solution that includes data and Artificial Intelligence. From how to do research that can be helpful for AI to specific details that need to be added in the persona description or specific screens that need to be designed in the prototyping stage, this talk would like to address how a UX process changes when you are designing a solution that includes data and AI components.