Baking Accessibility into Design: Lessons from Crafting an Accessible Design System

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According to the latest Webaim report, 96.1% of accessibility errors fall into six key categories: low contrast text, missing Alt text, and more. The top accessibility challenges involve cultural shifts and effective solutions.

Learn how an accessible design system can address these challenges. We explore accessibility’s core link to usability, examining modalities and context.

Creating an accessible design system is akin to giving a mouse a cookie: a delightful journey filled with insights and lessons. In this presentation, we embark on a voyage through the world of accessible design, leveraging the wisdom gained from our experience.

This journey is not a solo expedition; it requires a cross-functional team, including design, research, engineering, product, marketing, and more. Accessibility expertise is paramount, ensuring that requirements are well-defined, communicated, and executed.

Discover how this journey can transform your design practices.