Creating Healthier Team Functionality & Product Team Alignment Through Play

Grand Ballroom West

Ever notice that design and product are sometimes at odds? Or how conflict can derail output? What can you and your colleagues learn from aligning through play? Hint: a lot.

Well in this talk, we’re going to show you the role that trust and connection play on a team, particularly a cross-functional product team in search of alignment. In addition, we’re going to see the benefit of utilizing our UX Researcher skill set in helping to create activities that connect teammates–ones whose impact lasts for 4-5 months.

In this interactive workshop, learn how embodied experiences and play can impact trust, and meaningful work relationships. You will walk away with tangible tactics to use in your next team meeting, readout, roadmapping session, or offsite.

This talk will be led by Kendall Wallace, former UX Researcher at Meta, and now CEO and Lead Facilitator of Executive Offsites, who utilizes her UX skill set to solve for team dynamic challenges in the workplace.