Deep-Dive: International Accreditation Program for UX Professionals of UXPA International

Grand Ballroom West

The International Accreditation Program for UX Professionals provides a listing in a register of UX professionals after a due review of their work history and professionalism. This listing represents an unbiased acknowledgment of people working within the wide field of UX & Usability; it shows the shared understanding of professional work, the strife for quality, and a human-centered mindset, regardless of your field of work, job role, or pay grade. An accredited UX professional communicates their will to be scrutinized by a body of evaluation, their work to be questioned, their willingness to let others speak on their behalf, and their adherence to the code of conduct of UX professionals.

The workshop details the accreditation process, the focus fields, and the work references used in the peer review, provides an extensive Q&A to UX professionals, and even offers an on-site curriculum for applicants who have submitted the required data.