From Engagement to Delight: Harnessing Curiosity in UX

Grand Ballroom West

They must first engage before our products or services can inform, entertain, satisfy, or delight. Curiosity is a powerful way to engage customers and create memorable experiences.

This talk will give you an orientation to the strange, fascinating, and fragile phenomenon of being curious. You will learn ways to harness the power that curiosity brings to experiences and discover how to create more memorable experiences.

Together, we will tackle these three topics:

  1. Defining curiosity: What is curiosity, and how does it manifest? We will learn the five faces of curiosity and—more importantly—what kind of curious you are.
  2. Producing curiosity: Humans can naturally produce curiosity—the question is, how? We discover the emotions that yield the by-product of curiosity and learn how curiosity may germinate.
  3. Inviting curiosity: How might we design ways to invite curiosity? We’ll look at a framework for inviting curiosity in your next design effort.