Poster Session

Grand Foyer
  1. Demystifying Accessibility: A Designer’s Guide
  2. Top Tasks? Jobs to be Done? Determining a multi-criteria framework for task prioritization
  3. “STRAW WEAVING” – Where age-old weaving methods meet contemporary electronics (A Journey from Straw Weaving to E-textiles)
  4. Mental Models and Human Center AI solutions: A User Research Method
  5. Visual Card Sort: Using an existing method with a twist to understand user’s mental model
  6. Users’ Experience Talking to a Chatbot about Sexual Health. Conducting Empathetic UX Research
  7. The Effects of AI on Children’s Use of Politeness
  8. Mental Health Applications and Large Language Models: Frontiers in User Experience
  9. UX at the Macroscale: Integrating UX across the entire sociotechnical system
  10. Chronic(ling) Pain: Creating Dynamic, Customizable, Modular Icons For Describing Abstract Physical Symptoms
  11. 7 Tips for Designing Enterprise UX for Internal Users in Federal Agencies
  12. How to comprehensively identify the top usability issues of your product and convince even the most skeptical stakeholders to act on them
  13. Unlocking the Future of Health: A Game-Changing AI-UX Case Study