Six Key Principles for Getting the First Step in the Design Thinking Process Right Every Time

Atlantic Ballroom 1

Generative research is the foundation for the design thinking process.

The subsequent steps in the process depend upon getting that first step right by defining what people value. A well-prototyped idea will ultimately fail in the marketplace if it has no value to the user.

This presentation will describe six key principles for consistently successful generative research outcomes using concrete examples. The principles, relevant, aspirational, holistic, rigorous, visual, and actionable, can be used to guide thinking through and executing any generative research initiative.

These were developed through trial and error, doing generative research for over 30 years. They are backed by a portfolio of marketplace success for Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of categories and design initiatives, including products, services, journeys, interfaces, buildings, packaging, formulations, food, and environments.

The principles are described in the book USER EXPERIENCE RESEARCH: Discover what customers really want.