The Metaphor Effect: Elevating Great Design Into Iconic Experiences

Atlantic Ballroom 2

Metaphor is one of the greatest tools we have for understanding. In the face of complexity, or even just novelty, our brains offer us something we know to help us digest something we don’t. From “words are weapons” to “she’s a shining star,” metaphors infuse our language with vivid imagery, enabling us to grasp abstract concepts effortlessly.

Because design is a form of communication, metaphors are also powerful design tools. The choices we make as designers all express something to the user, aiding or disrupting their understanding of the task at hand. When metaphors are used to tie entire experiences together, even complex tasks can become easily digested, relatable, fun, seamless, and intuitive.

What if we told you that behind every great design lies a carefully crafted metaphor? Join us to learn how using experience metaphors elevates product experiences, differentiates brands, and delivers value to users, customers, and businesses alike.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The longest running metaphor that made computing available to the masses, and how Apple leveraged a metaphor to make backing up intuitive and fun.
  • How Dupla Studios leveraged metaphors for event logistics and expert matching experiences.
  • A simple guide to apply these concepts in your own work.