Unlock Your Potential: Transforming UX Mindsets for a Better World

Atlantic Ballroom 2

Ever silently critiqued a design’s subpar UX but remained passive? It’s more common than you think. This talk isn’t about blame; it’s about change. We delve into why we act as we do and how to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset. Imagine the possibilities of what could be versus what is and accept the consequences. Have you mentally revamped a physical space to enhance user interactions? That’s precisely what this course explores. We’ll showcase instances where minor tweaks can revolutionize the world and equip you with the tools to apply your UX expertise for global betterment. Amid frustration and fun, you’ll master classic UX Research and Design principles tailored to physical environments. Join us and embark on a journey to unlock your potential, revolutionize UX, and make the world a better placeā€”one thoughtful design at a time.