Call for Volunteers

Help us create a welcoming and outstanding conference experience by volunteering at UXPA 2024

Applications for volunteering at UXPA 2024 - NOW CLOSED

Unfortunately, we are only able to reach out to those selected due to an overwhelming amount of responses we receive each year. You should hear back from us no later than April 30th.


What’s Next?

April 15 – 19: We will reach out to those conditionally approved.

April 22 – 26: All conditionally approved candidates registered for the conference.

By April 30th: All registered volunteers will be in the UXPA 2024 WhatsApp Group.


Looking forward to connecting with you in 2025!

If you would like to volunteer with UXPA International on other projects, please visit: Volunteer with UXPA.



Problem Solver

These are sociable people who are experts on various areas of content: conference schedule content, hotel, and the local areas in general. All of the information they provide is to enhance the attendees’ experiences. This role will also help support registration/information booth volunteers if they need extra help. This position requires a moderate level of activity (walking) and long periods of standing and talking to attendees as well as lifting boxes weighing up to 20 lbs. We are seeking people who are comfortable being in customer service and resolving problems on the fly.

Registration/Information Booth Volunteer

These volunteers will help with anything and everything related with registration. They will provide brief information about the conference (restroom locations, where breakfast is served, wifi, etc) as well as assist with any questions attendees might have. They will also assist with on-site registration and act as a source of information about the conference activities and sessions. Volunteers will be required to stay at the registration booth for the assigned hours unless otherwise directed. This position may require some lifting of boxes in the beginning and at the end of the shifts (could weigh up to 10 lbs).

Sessions, Courses, Keynotes, and Opening/Closing Ceremonies

These volunteers will act as the liaison to speakers during sessions/courses. They may introduce speakers with a pre-written script, assists speakers with A/V issues, or make sure the speaker is comfortable and has everything they need in the room (i.e., water, notepads). They will also act as a time-keeper for the session/course and act as room monitor to make sure the room is not overcrowded. Volunteers will be required to stay in the session/course for the assigned hours.

UXPA conferences run on the energy of our volunteers who care about promoting user experience – and your contribution can help make the UXPA 2024 International Conference the leading forum for the exchange of ideas among UX practitioners.

As a volunteer, you’ll be a vital part of the conference and help to create a welcoming and outstanding conference experience.


Q: What is Expected of Me?

A: As a volunteer, you’ll be expected to be available right before and during the entire conference, June 24th – 27th, 2024 and contribute around 15 to 20 hours of service during that time. You will be responsible for any travel and accommodation costs to, during and from the conference and need to pay for any food not covered as part of the conference (we provide breakfast and lunch daily). We can help you find a roommate to reduce your accommodation fees once you are conditionally approved by the Volunteers Conference Chair.

Q: What Does The Conference Offer?

A: In return, you will pay $100 for registration (which includes all receptions and meals) as well as a chance to attend talks. You will also experience one of the largest user experience conferences around from an insider’s perspective. You will gain exposure to a variety of prospective employers and increase your opportunity for networking with other UXers. Plus, a recording of the sessions for free from Tuesday to Thursday!

Q: Who Can Volunteer?

A: Pretty much anyone can apply. However, priority will be given to full time and part time students enrolled in a UX-related degree and/or certificate program as well as unemployed UX professionals.

Additional Questions?

If you still have any questions regarding onsite conference volunteer roles, please reach out to the Volunteers Conference Chair via [email protected]. If you are interested in volunteering for the UXPA International organization, in general, please reach us via this form.